Am a kichupuli.

I was once a slave to false.

So I sought out to seek the truth after getting tired of leaving a life of slavery. Life was fair to me, I found the truth. As pure as it could be.

Am now slipping back into the life of slavery. My rebellion has reached me to extremes I had vowed to never return to.

There is no state of mind worse than regret. It stings more than any rejection or pain I have ever felt. My tongue is too heavy to say am sorry. Punish me I plead, although I know a slave is in no position to ask the measure of rebuke form his master.

Why is the truth no longer sweet to me ? How did I become seduced by this lie I live. Today is another chance to be genuine, or so I tell me self.

Efforts! …….shouts out Truth.

Look where it has reached you,  reeking of pathetic-ism and weakness. Were is the slave who once fought for freedom ?

Efforts! is what I want to see. Prove your love to me it says. All your words are lies, even your cries.

Am now a slave to false, longing for another battle to fight for my freedom.

Never again will I judge a slave.






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