Mutitizi : Family and the business headaches ?


There was the idea to start a small scale chicken farm, rabbit breeding, passion fruit farming, just to mention but a few. Trusting that family would provide the best support system I went to them.

However, now every time I met them, instead it seemed like I was meeting the ‘review board’.

These are some of the experiences I have met in my plans to start businesses with some of my family members. The challenges of starting a family business lay in the advantages it provides. Call it making a deal with the devil.

In regards to capital sourcing, I have found that it is much easier to convince family members of a business venture, even if you are not sure of its long term sustainability let alone its viability to begin with. With the support of my family, I have managed to put into place some business ideas such as a chicken farm primarily to sell eggs, and then I convinced them to provide me space to make charcoal briquettes.

As I mentioned earlier, the honeymoon is short lived when questions begin arising, “where are the profits ?”, “how much was made today ?“, and “why don’t you look for a job?“. The list cannot be exhausted.

The accountability required from a family business could run one to insanity. With the lack of knowledge of business dynamics comes the naive questions and threats of withdrawing financial and resources support. And so I now find that some journeys need to be taken alone.

Who lives longer the brave or the weak ? My fear to enter into the unknown, to take the step into the darkness alone has left me in a state of cowardice.


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