In this jungle, are you a lion or an antelope ?

Trying to understand human behaviour and interaction is much harder as it is to study animal behaviour and interaction. This is because humans have undefinable forces that shape their thoughts, actions and behaviours. Some human behaviour can be called at best basic animal instinct. Traits that define the fabric of nature as it is is best illustrated by Charles Darwin’s notorious observation on human evolution.

This became a quote commonly known and used and known and yet also so truthful and applicable in our interactions and experiences as humans.

Survival for the fittest.

This world is a jungle and in it exist all kinds of beasts and animals. Some live independent from the jungle while others live off other animals. In all, these animals need each other to survive in this jungle. We have lions, kings of the jungle, proud masters, feared, admired and loathed by the antelopes and bucks that always get snared, eaten and destroyed.

It is as if their sole purpose in this jungle is to be food to theses kings. These bucks and antelopes are weak and mediocre, always moving in herds and afraid to be different or to move in the other direction.Those that try to move away from the herd are snatched away by the firm teeth of the jungle kings.

We do what we do then? It seems deep down we are all just bucks and lions in this jungle. The lions are kings and the bucks get eaten.


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