Is it selfish to give up ?

It has been a struggle to write down anything. I seem to have fallen victim to the attitude I despise. I don’t blame myself however but rather the people that surround me. You alone are the cause of my seeming resignation. I lost the battle and accepted the reality of the world I live in. Maybe I give up so easily. Am I too perfectionist, if there is such a term ? Or have my naive expectations been shattered by the brazen mediocrity that surrounds me ?

I cannot even seem to write down my mind as I repeatedly second guess and rubbish every thought.

Dear reader, this is not a rant but a plea for inspiration.


One thought on “Is it selfish to give up ?

  1. 1. Maybe you haven’t found your audience yet?
    2. Stephen King says “when you first write, write with the door closed. When you edit, write with the door open.”
    Lesson? Don’t worry about what people think, when you first sit and start writing, just throw it on the paper….
    3. Winston Churchill said:
    never give up!

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